You know the score; you get asked for some creative ideas, or some copy for free. Maybe it’s some financial advice, or information about taking a portrait photograph, again for free.

Once again, you’re being asked to give some free advice or spend some of your valuable time doing what you’re skilled at for nothing. Or, perhaps it’s a carrot to get a bigger piece of work.

I freely share my knowledge and wisdom about all things marketing, and I think, on balance, it’s good for my reputation. And I tell those I work with to stop being too cheap and to have the confidence to charge a commercial price for their expertise. I also encourage them to say ‘No’ as well.

I love this clip from Madmen – Don Draper is a super-skilled creative director. See how he struggles with the prospect of landing a big fish!

Remember how much time and effort you’ve expended to get to the place you are now. And remember too, that in the end, you’ll be valued for being true to yourself!

Do I do free stuff?

Absolutely I do, on my terms, when I want to. Other than that, not anymore!

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