What’s the (marketing) Elephant in the room?

It’s probably your website and the messaging, closely followed by very poor visitor numbers. Question is, do you want to see some better results and some sales?

“Nick gained an in-depth understanding of my business very quickly and designed a pre-launch marketing strategy which is due to have a significant impact upon my business. His fresh new ideas really blew me away and with the subtle change of my messaging on my website, he designed the perfect vehicle to create a new and solid route to market which I’d not thought of before. Nick has this uncanny knack of breaking the mould in the world of marketing by challenging the norm, telling my story in a more meaningful and effective way and developing innovative ways of driving traffic to my business which is producing the positive results I have for so long not been able to achieve.” Julie Hartell Owner, The Mum Almighty

Challenge me to identify how you could be getting the sales you want, without breaking the bank!

I’m Nick Sladek, and I’m a marketing consultant, helping businesses who want the experience of someone who has been out there at the sharp end of marketing, yet who don’t need a full-time marketing director.

I often feel that in the world of marketing, I’m on a personal crusade to distil out what really matters and what’s just a lot of noise. And trust me, in the new world of online and social media, along with a plethora of new marketing channels, that noise is almost deafening.

Yet there is a way through the noise, engaging with customers to drive your business and achieve the sales it aspires to.

Yes, I’m a strong advocate of marketing and advertising – but only when closely aligned with a cohesive, strategic business development plan. And that’s not all: your people, the products or the services you’re selling and processes you employ also need to be aligned to deliver success.

How might it work in your organisation?

It could be a short project, or a regular, monthly involvement. It’s always about what is right for your organisation.

Whatever the approach, an interesting, collaborative journey is guaranteed!

Mobile: 07971 279 564
Landline: 0117 4035733
email: nick@nicksladek.com

“Nick is a breath of fresh air. After years of nebulous marketing advice from various consultants, Nick joined our team and provided us with a clear and sometimes tough appraisal of what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Insightful, unafraid to challenge, collaborative and able to cut through the noise and waffle, he has helped us to transform the way we market ourselves and the business that we win.” Ruth Moody MD Farscape Development
“Nick is a born marketeer. He has an extraordinary ability to think out of the box, to think of angles and to predict how the buying public will respond to a marketing message. Given any project, I would always check with Nick first to see if he thinks it a ‘goer’ and to get his advice as to the best way forward.” Darrell Cocup Client and friend