About me

I’ve been asked… “So Nick, what do you actually do?” I don’t like the titles: Marketing Director, Social media expert, CRO director, Results Driven, blah blah… So many names that really say nothing at all.

Looking down an aisle at B&Q and seeing ‘my products’ on display is a good feeling. Designing and manufacturing a product and seeing it on the shelf in ASDA feels pretty good too.

Life is just so interesting and varied and I have had so many valuable experiences that have shaped who I am. I’ve had some failures too and looking back, they have been invaluable experiences.

What I do know is that being able to listen is a powerful place. And I know too that to try and to fail, as well as allowing myself to be vulnerable is a truly valuable learning experience.

Professionally, I’m about getting products and services to market and helping businesses to attract and win more customers for their products and services. And that’s where I hope I can help you.

A brief history in time… Nick Sladek

1979 – 1984 I cut my teeth in London ad agencies to start with. Those were the heady days of the Lambos and Bentleys parked on double yellows. It was not quite ‘Mad Men’, but not far off! Though at that time I was just a small cog, it was a fun and full-on learning opportunity!

1985 – 1999 I moved to Bristol and arrived in the South West’s ad agency scene. From Production Manager to Account and Company Director, I kept my feet on the ground and had the inside view of 100’s of businesses, small and large.

“On a personal level, when you get to know and like Nick, you appreciate just what a great loyal friend he is. He will do anything he can for any of his friends 🙂 On the business front, Nick and his team think outside the box to give a fantastic service to their clients.” Phil Brumfit client and friend

1999 – 2008 It was time to strike out on my own, bringing products to market, persuading the big guns like B&Q they’d like to do business with me and my team. Working with multiple retailers, as well as the independent sector too, was truly inspirational. Big numbers and opportunities to match. Lessons learned? Plenty! Not content with one business, I launched an advertising agency too. From holiday homes to training and from furniture manufacture to Saas, our talented team of 12 delivered work I was really proud of.

2008/9 These were tough times in the agency world and the wider business landscape. My focus shifted to niche areas and to email marketing. The advertising agency didn’t survive. I learned a lot about resilience and moved onto pastures new.

2009 – to present day: I own an email marketing company. A small, niche provider writing and delivering content for ‘high-value consultative products and services’. Right now, and perhaps like never before, it’s a great way to get professional services to market.

I am marketing consultant too as well as acting as virtual marketing director for a number of different businesses. I love what I do and perhaps I can help you to get to where you want to be.