Ok, let’s get a few things straight. Generally, we buy the things we like: holidays, meals out, watches, perfume, bikes etc. Even M&S Gastropub Chicken Kiev (yum)! We buy them because we like and desire them. It’s essentially a B2C thing.

Now, if you’re reading this post, it’s likely you’re a business selling to other businesses (B2B). And that’s really important because purchasing a service or product in this arena is not driven by the same set of behaviours.

I make this distinction because there’s a misguided belief peddled by many so-called experts that all you need is a whole load of ‘call-to-action’ copy lines or buttons compelling the reader to buy.

It’s misguided because if you articulate your proposition effectively, it’ll be your compelling proposition that does the selling for you. If you think that peppering your website with ‘Call us now’ and ‘Fill in the form for more information’ will drive sales, you’re missing the point and not understanding how people make purchasing decisions.

So, I’m sorry to disappoint you. There are no call-to-action lines here in this post.

Get your proposition right, build trust and reassurance and demonstrate the evidence that actually, your business really can deliver on the promise, and you’re halfway there.

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