Here’s a thought…

I’m Nick Sladek and my expertise is as a Marketing Board Advisor, Virtual, Interim or Non-Exec Marketing Director for businesses who want the experience of someone who has been out there at the sharp end of marketing, yet who don’t need a full-time director.

Marketing is really simple: you’ve got a product or service and out there are your potential customers. And it’s the marketer’s job, along with the help of sales, to facilitate the process.

So what could possibly go wrong? Plenty.

I often feel that in the world of marketing, I’m on a personal crusade to distil out what really matters and what’s just a lot of noise. And trust me, in the new world of online and social media, along with a plethora of new marketing channels, that noise can be almost deafening.

Yet there is a way through the noise, engaging with customers to drive your business and achieve the sales it aspires to.

Yes, I’m a strong advocate of marketing and advertising – but only when closely aligned with a cohesive, strategic business development plan. And that’s not all: your people, the products or services you’re selling and processes you employ also need to be aligned to deliver success.

How might it work in your organisation?

There’s no standard or off-the-shelf approach here. It’s about having a conversation. It’s about me listening, learning and understanding.

It could be a short project, or a regular, monthly involvement. It’s always about what is right for your organisation.

Whatever the approach, an interesting, collaborative journey is guaranteed!

 “Before Nick tells you ‘it’s not about you, it’s about your customer’, you might also like to know he’s great at helping you get noticed. Neither a follower nor a ‘yes’ man, he’ll tell you what you need to do in plain English – and most of the time he’s right!”
Long-standing business partner, Julie Kenyon

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